Movie Themed Slots

There are many versions of online games in the market today, and one of the more exciting ones is the movie themed online slot games. The name alone tells you that a game in this category is based on a popular movie. And this film theme is taken even further in both the physical and online games as the layout, design, flow and other game features hew close to the movie's story line.

The movie themed online slot games are similar to 3D slot games in that they are hybrids and, therefore, incorporate several features taken from a variety of slot games, such as progressives, jackpots and bonus rounds. This hybrid feature also means that the play is slightly more enhanced than the usual slot games. No need to fear, however, as a typical gamer aptitude will see you through, even without a rule book or how-to guides.

Do you want to feel the pulsing excitement of being part of the shipping crew terrorized by the killer shark in Jaws? Or is the quiet throb of power exercised by dangerous men, as in The Godfather, more your thing? Whatever moves your fancy, both the player and the movie fan in you can be indulged in the fantasy of being as close as you will probably ever be to the action with movie themed slot games. The game designers and developers work to make it as interesting as possible, and aim for fan appeal by staying as faithful as possible to the original movie. Thus, efforts are made to recreate the total feel of the movie, instead of just superficial trappings like the use of logos and pictures taken from the reel.

There are inherent limitations and constraints for the physical slot games in terms of achieving the above objective, but, with movie themed online slot games, the playing field for the creativity of the designers and developers is definitely wider. Given the infinite range of possibilities offered by computer software, the player is made to feel that he is not just playing a game, but playing into and through the movie scenes. Specific clips from the movie are cleverly integrated into the game, serving as encouragement for the player to do well and therefore get into more scenes. Thus, the better he plays, the more of the movie he gets to participate in, undoubtedly a great motivation and a novel experience for the fan-player in everyone.

Casino Slots Plus

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